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See pricing, instructions and layout guide below.

Board book pricing



6 x 6 - $39.95

22 Pages (incl. front and back cover)

($1.50 ea. add'l page)

8 x 8 - $49.95

22 Pages (incl. front and back cover)

($2.00 ea. add'l page)

NEW Custom Board Books. Create a Personalized Child's Board Book using pages you've designed. Children love to see pictures of themselves, family members, animals, etc. Some of our favorite board books are ABC Books, Quiet Books, Good Night Books, Who Loves Me... can't wait to see what you create. Finally a photo book so durable even the little ones can enjoy it without the worry of torn pages.

Use MemoryMixer's pre-designed pages (that you can personalize) or design your own layouts from scratch, layer by layer, to create the perfect board book.

If you don't have MemoryMixer you can download it now or upload the pages you've created, saved as jpgs, using the layout guide below. All pages will need to be square and allow a minimum of 1/4" for trimming during the book binding process. You will be able to preview your pages once you've uploaded them to the Output Center.

MemoryMixer makes it easy to use your digital photos to create Board Books worth "bragging about". Happy Mixin!

About our Custom Board Books

Each Board Book is printed in the U.S. using quality materials and are made with care:

  • Customized Front & Back Cover that you design
  • 22 Pages including custom front & back covers.
  • Add additional pages up to 30
  • Extra thick laminated board pages - 18 point mount board
  • Rounded corners
  • Unlimited photos per page
  • Add as much text as you'd like and place it anywhere on the page
  • One of a kind... uniquely yours!

PLEASE NOTE: To create the professional bleed, up to a 1/2 of an inch may be trimmed from each page. Please keep this in mind as you design your pages. Having items trimmed creates an artistic touch; just make sure you are aware of what may be trimmed when you place your items on your page.

Board book layout guide