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my little sister

Designer: kelliekoo
Tags: children, memories, past, family tree
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Bear and me p016 medium Description
some old shots i scanned of my sweet little sister from when we were young. i love memory mixer! i'm doing a whole album of hundreds of pictures from when we were kids. this is the perfect way for me to put all these memories in one place. and i can make copies for my mom, my sister and me!

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NursegreeneyesRN, at 02:57PM on Monday June 18, 2007
I like your layout! It looks like a very classic traditional layout. Very pretty! Like the way the color go together. Very simple yet elegant! Great Job!!, at 09:05AM on Wednesday June 20, 2007
LOVED IT, at 09:05AM on Wednesday June 20, 2007
annirana, at 10:52PM on Friday June 29, 2007
Absolutely perfect! No need for any embellishments, just breathtaking! Beautiful baby!
RABIDFOX, at 12:21AM on Tuesday August 05, 2008
Ahhhhh...How adorable! I love the font choice with images. Very inspiring.

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