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Heading to the water

Designer: BeachScraper
Tags: Grandchildren, Marilyn
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Heather-p001-medium Description
More pics of the Heather,she was off and heading to the water. Flower from Laurie's Scraps, freebie. Overlay from Scrapgirl. Lettering from Shabby Princess.

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weblg, at 09:07AM on Tuesday February 10, 2009
Absolutely PRECIOUS! This is a wonderful photo...should be on a magazine or advertisement! I love your layout the lettering on "places".
RABIDFOX, at 12:48PM on Tuesday February 10, 2009
What a super sweet picture. My 2 boys (3 & 5) have yet to be to the beach. Isn't that some sort of sin? My daughter was at the NJ shore at 7 months, chewed on a few cigarette butts (my dad was watching her) & had a diaper full of sand. I think she blocked out this memory.
audosborne, at 08:47PM on Tuesday February 10, 2009
That is just the cutest picture ever and you show cased it beautifully!!! I love it!!! What is the font you used? It's very pretty. I just got back in town Mon night and I'm still a little jet lagged. I noticed you left me a message on facebook but I wasn't home so I couldn't respond and I saw that you figured it out. Aloha!

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