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Gift Card/Package Drink Wrappers

Designer: ordazd
Tags: MMmore, 2010, Gift Card Holders
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Dsc 0201 medium Description
These wraps can be adjusted to hold just about anything, but are shown as hot chocolate, spiced cider and gift card holders. Hand them out as your Halloween Trick-or-Treat, your Christmas caroling gift, as place holders at your Christmas Eve dinner, as ornaments on your tree to be taken by your guests at the end of your holiday open house. These are just a few ideas to set your imagination in motion. =}

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mixinmom, at 09:24AM on Thursday August 12, 2010
I love all the ideas. How do you add the mixes...are they stapled inside? I want to come trick or treating to your house:)
ordazd, at 04:27PM on Friday August 13, 2010
You can glue, gluedot, tape, whatever you want to do to keep the back closed (I wouldn't suggest staples as they might tear the packages) The bottoms are left open. The ribbon goes in through the front, under the packaged mix or gift card, then out the back. Ribbon will be approximately 18 inches long for the drink mixes, and about 12 inches for the gift card. Remember, leave enough length to tie a bow. To remove the packaged mix or gift card, all the recipient needs to do is pull on the ribbon, and the 'gift' pops right out! I used these as favors for our family Christmas Eve last year. They were a real hit! Enjoy! =} Debbie

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