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Doug's birthday card

Designer: Meezy
Tags: card, asleep, decking
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Doug h b medium Description
This is the deck outside the guests kitchen/dining room at their hostel La Casa Verde in Banos, Ecuador. As you will see I 'cut' Doug out of the original photo and then 'cut' him out of an older photo of him and John asleep on the couch.

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Meezy, at 11:18PM on Wednesday October 13, 2010
Meant to say, Doug was wondering when the floor boards would be arriving so he could finish the job - at this stage he had ordered them 2.5 months previously.
cpatterson411, at 12:26AM on Saturday April 18, 2015
Very creative. I never thought to cut someone out of a picture to impose it into another. Does memory mixer have this capability or is that from photo shop. I am looking to find ideas for a birthday card for my son-in-law.

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