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Daddy & Me Page (trishat_77)

Daddy & Me Page
by trishat_77

Big Brothers (chiquita517)

Big Brothers
by chiquita517

All By Myself (craftyjac)

All By Myself
by craftyjac

Green Grass (craftyjac)

Green Grass
by craftyjac

Horsin' Around (NVisser)

Horsin' Around
by NVisser

yummy thumb (chiquita517)

yummy thumb
by chiquita517

It's a Boy (CRYSTAL24)

It's a Boy

Baby Talk (chiquita517)

Baby Talk
by chiquita517

Special Cousins (chiquita517)

Special Cousins
by chiquita517

Noah's Birth (amandasanchez113)

Noah's Birth
by amandasanchez113

Scrap Challenge (NVisser)

Scrap Challenge
by NVisser

Bundle of Boy (deborellah)

Bundle of Boy
by deborellah

michaela baby announcement (slugmo19)

michaela baby annou...
by slugmo19

My new baby - announcement (EmilyLaurel)

My new baby - annou...
by EmilyLaurel

Isabella-snow (aniuskat)

by aniuskat

Megan's First Christmas (NVisser)

Megan's First Chris...
by NVisser

Baby Announcement (slugmo19)

Baby Announcement
by slugmo19

Baby Kayla (audosborne)

Baby Kayla
by audosborne

Sweet Abigail (craftyjac)

Sweet Abigail
by craftyjac

Dream (craftyjac)

by craftyjac

Halloween Monkey (craftyjac)

Halloween Monkey
by craftyjac

Nathan & Lemur (annirana)

Nathan & Lemur
by annirana

baby's first halloween (jshel17)

baby's first hallow...
by jshel17

Just the girls (kathyehlert)

Just the girls
by kathyehlert

Daddy and Me (cherish)

Daddy and Me
by cherish

Our Baby Girl (cherish)

Our Baby Girl
by cherish

My handsome little man! (JMurdoch)

My handsome little ...
by JMurdoch

Trouble!!! (JMurdoch)

by JMurdoch

Birthday for Mom (BeachScraper)

Birthday for Mom
by BeachScraper

Hallie (Melissa Nuttall)

by Melissa Nuttall

Marilyn Emma (BeachScraper)

Marilyn Emma
by BeachScraper

Scraplifted challenge (Dani)

Scraplifted challen...
by Dani

Lori Baby (lposey01)

Lori Baby
by lposey01

Isabella 01 (aniuskat)

Isabella 01
by aniuskat

Priceless! (JMurdoch)

by JMurdoch

It's a...... (JMurdoch)

It's a......
by JMurdoch

Autumn Innocence (AccountantMom)

Autumn Innocence
by AccountantMom

Butler 11th ward (swimqte)

Butler 11th ward
by swimqte

Leah in June (chuchulin50)

Leah in June
by chuchulin50

Baby Avery (Lesa Hyer)

Baby Avery
by Lesa Hyer

Cuddle Buddies (bm205)

Cuddle Buddies
by bm205

Olivia Teresa (chuchulin50)

Olivia Teresa
by chuchulin50

Mills Family (Lesa Hyer)

Mills Family
by Lesa Hyer

4 months old (

4 months old

Harrison (


diapers! (


greyson (