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catching some rays (thines)

catching some rays
by thines

Girls Hangin out (thines)

Girls Hangin out
by thines

family in Indiana (thines)

family in Indiana
by thines

Park Pics (thines)

Park Pics
by thines

Marley 6 months (stefjo81)

Marley 6 months
by stefjo81

Baby Marley (stefjo81)

Baby Marley
by stefjo81

Marley 5-7 months (stefjo81)

Marley 5-7 months
by stefjo81

Ashley Nichole (phunt2568)

Ashley Nichole
by phunt2568

Brittaney Kaylyn (phunt2568)

Brittaney Kaylyn
by phunt2568

Taylor Rose (phunt2568)

Taylor Rose
by phunt2568

Chase Logan (phunt2568)

Chase Logan
by phunt2568

Madi's 1st bday!! (JMurdoch)

Madi's 1st bday!!
by JMurdoch

Daddy's clone (JMurdoch)

Daddy's clone
by JMurdoch

Madi's first year! (JMurdoch)

Madi's first year!
by JMurdoch

Practice makes perfect . . . almost (

Practice makes perf...

Swing Time (

Swing Time

Alexis Meets Uncle Paul (

Alexis Meets Uncle ...

Shane at Seven Months (

Shane at Seven Mont...

Grand Daughter (palapai2006)

Grand Daughter
by palapai2006

Little Man (Stephaniessciz)

Little Man
by Stephaniessciz

Announcing My Birth (audosborne)

Announcing My Birth...
by audosborne

Mom Thinks I'm Cute (audosborne)

Mom Thinks I'm Cute...
by audosborne

My Fingers May Be Small . . . (

My Fingers May Be S...

All Tuckered Out (

All Tuckered Out

Dear, Baby Brother (audosborne)

Dear, Baby Brother
by audosborne

We're Having A... (Deni)

We're Having A...
by Deni

yo yo yo (brooklyn1416)

yo yo yo
by brooklyn1416

tasty toes (brooklyn1416)

tasty toes
by brooklyn1416

DUCK! (brooklyn1416)

by brooklyn1416

Lil' Pouter (kimberhere)

Lil' Pouter
by kimberhere

Bubble Machine (robertaboice)

Bubble Machine
by robertaboice

Baby (raeadav)

by raeadav

Capturing Daddy's Heart (

Capturing Daddy's H...

First Valentine's Day (

First Valentine's D...

Your First Year (in progress) (ingewerts)

Your First Year (in...
by ingewerts

It All Comes Out in the Wash (

It All Comes Out in...

Squeaky Clean (

Squeaky Clean

Bodin Boy (robertaboice)

Bodin Boy
by robertaboice

Book Worm (

Book Worm

100 % kisses (grandmaslilone)

100 % kisses
by grandmaslilone

Bundle of Baby (robertaboice)

Bundle of Baby
by robertaboice

A Father's Comfort (robertaboice)

A Father's Comfort
by robertaboice

Watch the Birdie (

Watch the Birdie

Fascination Station (

Fascination Station...

Beautiful Happy Baby Girl (

Beautiful Happy Bab...

Special Day (robertaboice)

Special Day
by robertaboice

You Are My Heart's Desire (

You Are My Heart's ...