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Must Love Blogs QuickMix

Designer: Fayette Designs
Categories: QuickMixes Brown, Green, Orange, Pastel Colors, Pink, White, Fayette Designs, Holidays, Holidays - Valentines, Love Romance, Misc
Tags: Must Love Blogs QuickMix, Pink, Green, Love, Valentine's, Holiday, White, Pastel, Orange, Computers
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Must love blogs qm medium
Price: $2.99

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Retired Designs by Fayette Designs – Limited Time Only Reg $4.99
Must Love Blogs QuickMix. This 6 page quickmix is so cute that it makes me want to start my own blog just so I can buy this! LOL! This is cute in ANY bloggers (online) book! Hee hee hee! This collaboration kit from Fayette and Carolyn Kite is perfect for Blogs, Valentines, etc. Coordinates with Must Love Blogs Embellishment Pack, Designer Paper Pack, Cardstock Paper Pack, WordArt Pack and Alphabet Pack.

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