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Refief Society Sisters Limited Time Offer Orig 34.95
The Lite version of MemoryMixer v3 gives you a great taste of MemoryMixer. It's so easy to crop & zoom a photo, auto-fill an entire album, even layout a poster or flier.

***UPON PURCHASE you will receive an email with your Product Registration Key Code and IMPORTANT installation instructions. If you don't see your email, please check your junk or spam folder.

Easy to Use Features Include:
*Drag and Drop Photos
*Fill a Font
*Crop & Zoom
*Add mat to photos
*Color Matching System
*Drop Shadows
*Photo Shapes
*Photo Effects
like B&W or Sepia, brighten, darken, etc.
*Add Text to Shape
*Create Frames and Borders
using background papers or colors.
*Project Patterns...create gift boxes, invitations, envelopes * tags.
*Background Builders ...create customized papers with dots, stripes and plaids.

Why Users Prefer MemoryMixer over Club or Online Options
1. You don't need to be online to create. It is more relaxing and you can create while at the park, cabin, etc.
2. You can use your own fonts. Place any text, anywhere you want on the page.
3. Print at home.
4. Papercrafting. Create banners, party favors, etc.
5. Maintain control of albums.
6. Import pages from one MemoryMixer album to another.
7. No monthly fees.
8. Photo Books with Quality you can SEE, FEEL & AFFORD.

Now it's easy to create something worth Bragging About!
Create one album and share it in many ways and sizes like:
*Photo Books & Board Books
*Photo Cards
*Paper Crafting Projects
*Make a Movie to email or post on your blog.
*Print at Home

Content includes:
-7 QuickMixes (pre-designed coordinating layered layouts)
-4 Photo Templates
-Background builders allowing you to create your own backgrounds
-26 additional backgrounds
-Hundreds of embellishments

You can always visit our Design Shoppe here at for additional QuickMixes, Backgrounds, Embellishments, etc.- don't forget to collect the freebies.

30 day money back guarantee

Download your copy today!

**Please see the MemoryMixer Software System Requirements before making your purchase.

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