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Take Time to Listen (ordazd)

Take Time to Listen...
by ordazd

The Sound of Silence (craftyjac)

The Sound of Silenc...
by craftyjac

Brothers Album Part 2 (CoScrapper)

Brothers Album Part...
by CoScrapper

Take time for winter (Jenn_RN)

Take time for winte...
by Jenn_RN

Brothers Album Part 1 (CoScrapper)

Brothers Album Part...
by CoScrapper

Spring trip to NYC (jonyce)

Spring trip to NYC
by jonyce

Take Time for Winter (ordazd)

Take Time for Winte...
by ordazd

Month 5 - Baby Book (mom_to_two)

Month 5 - Baby Book...
by mom_to_two

A Walk In The Park (mom_to_two)

A Walk In The Park
by mom_to_two

2010 Summer Vacation (jonyce)

2010 Summer Vacatio...
by jonyce

Reconnecting (Jenn_RN)

by Jenn_RN

Take Time to Reconnect (ordazd)

Take Time to Reconn...
by ordazd

Sunrise on the Severn (hidden Hills0)

Sunrise on the Seve...
by hidden Hills0

New York (sheila)

New York
by sheila

Sights of Paris (sheila)

Sights of Paris
by sheila

Western (Rupea)

by Rupea

Birthday Girl's 1st Birthday page design (Stace Face)

Birthday Girl's 1st...
by Stace Face

baby's 1st birthday page design (Stace Face)

baby's 1st birthday...
by Stace Face

Take Time for Love (ordazd)

Take Time for Love
by ordazd

Kisses for Daddy (craftyjac)

Kisses for Daddy
by craftyjac

Christmas 2010 (molin23)

Christmas 2010
by molin23

80th B-Day (A Team)

80th B-Day
by A Team

Take time for Love (Jenn_RN)

Take time for Love
by Jenn_RN

Valentines Day 2011 (KnotDreams)

Valentines Day 2011...
by KnotDreams

Organization challenge (vernyvern7)

Organization challe...
by vernyvern7

My Special Little Valentine (vernyvern7)

My Special Little V...
by vernyvern7

I love these boys (vernyvern7)

I love these boys
by vernyvern7

My List Paper (ordazd)

My List Paper
by ordazd

Organization (Jenn_RN)

by Jenn_RN

Kolbie's 1st Birthday (aimee.forey)

Kolbie's 1st Birthd...
by aimee.forey

Fun (SuzanneCarillo)

by SuzanneCarillo

You Make Me Smile 2 (SuzanneCarillo)

You Make Me Smile 2...
by SuzanneCarillo

Your Love Gives Me Wings pg1 (SuzanneCarillo)

Your Love Gives Me ...
by SuzanneCarillo

Your Love Gives Me Wings pg2 (SuzanneCarillo)

Your Love Gives Me ...
by SuzanneCarillo

All The Girls (SuzanneCarillo)

All The Girls
by SuzanneCarillo

Merry Christmas Page 2 (SuzanneCarillo)

Merry Christmas Pag...
by SuzanneCarillo

Merry Christmas (SuzanneCarillo)

Merry Christmas
by SuzanneCarillo

Zoe Christmas (SuzanneCarillo)

Zoe Christmas
by SuzanneCarillo

Ginger and Me (SuzanneCarillo)

Ginger and Me
by SuzanneCarillo

Home Is Where The Heart Is (SuzanneCarillo)

Home Is Where The H...
by SuzanneCarillo

The Crazy Things You Do (SuzanneCarillo)

The Crazy Things Yo...
by SuzanneCarillo

Valentines Day Card (CynthiaA)

Valentines Day Card...
by CynthiaA

Happy Heart Day (kmanlover)

Happy Heart Day
by kmanlover

picky picnic (skirkendoll)

picky picnic
by skirkendoll

hanging at the park (mamalara)

hanging at the park...
by mamalara

Easter baby (MagicalReality)

Easter baby
by MagicalReality

The Little Things...january (hilary)

The Little Things.....
by hilary

Meet & Greet (jennylou)

Meet & Greet
by jennylou