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Designer: audosborne
Tags: grandmother, girl, beach, count
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Nrfg p009 medium Description
I love this photo but I'm having trouble getting the LO to come out the way I I'd like for it to.

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celestegrover, at 06:07PM on Wednesday December 05, 2007
I think it's cute -- I LOVE this picture! You might try just a different color instead of that lined paper -- the lines kinda take away from that amazing pic. Just a suggestion...
audosborne, at 12:41AM on Thursday December 06, 2007
Thanks Celeste. I agree with you.. I changed the background and removed the matt but I'm not sure I like the color..I've tried every shade of blue I can find but the tan seemed to work better. What do you guys think?
celestegrover, at 05:39AM on Thursday December 06, 2007
OOOOOHHHH - I LOVE IT!!! That is just gorgeous!!!! PERFECT!!!
audosborne, at 10:21AM on Thursday December 06, 2007
Thanks Celeste and thanks for your advice. I like this version a lot better.
Jesse77, at 06:48AM on Friday December 07, 2007
I love it too!!!! what a beautiful picture
audosborne, at 12:26PM on Monday December 10, 2007
kumbay, at 10:27AM on Tuesday June 24, 2008
I've just been going through the archives and came across your LO. Something that I have done to soften the look (if your picture goes behind your text block) is to use the transparency tool. By making the text block transparent - experiment with how much traqnsparency you want - it softens the look and will add to the breezy feeling of a day at the beach. You might also take a wispy brush stroke element and lay it over the seam between the photo and the text block. Love the photo!

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