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Bodin Boy

Designer: robertaboice
Tags: baby, orange, pink
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Family mixed p0010 medium Description
ALL ELEMENTS & PAPERS MM2. This little guy ALWAYS makes the biggest eyes when he sees something new and because he's only 3 months old . . . those little eyes are always 'buggin' out of their little sockets! I tried to take the predominent colors from the picture (pink and orange) and create the design from that, at the same time not making it too feminine!

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Lynn Grieveson, at 07:49PM on Wednesday December 19, 2007
LOL - too cute! Great job with the page too, love the colors you went with.
audosborne, at 03:49PM on Thursday December 20, 2007
That is just the cutest picture:) and I love what you did with it. Nice LO. Have a great Christmas!!!
heidiann, at 02:35PM on Thursday January 03, 2008
This LO is adorable!! Great picture too!
heidiann, at 02:35PM on Thursday January 03, 2008
Hit submit twice...whoops! LOL :)

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