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Making Apple sauce

Designer: Jesse77
Tags: Jesse77, apple, apple sauce, red, school
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Fall winter 07 08 p0026 medium Description
My DD at school, when my mom was visiting she went in and helped out in her classroom. They did a whole unit on apples at school so I have been working on lots of apple layouts! LOL! bg paper is MM, the rest is from Atomic Cupcake. Thanks for looking :)

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JENNA, at 09:26AM on Tuesday January 01, 2008
Jesse77, at 02:10PM on Tuesday January 01, 2008
Jenna, you are too sweet, Paige LOVES school, I am so glad she does.... she has a really fantastic teacher which helps a lot. Thank you!
audosborne, at 04:11PM on Tuesday January 01, 2008
Great LO!! I love the brackets on the first picture. Good job:)
JENNA, at 04:51PM on Tuesday January 01, 2008
It makes it so much easier when they like school. It was soooo hard to send Kameron to Pre-K - but, like I've said before - she loves it!!! and that helps. When I see her spelling all of her friends names I know that we made the right decision. They go on field trips from time to time and do fun things - it is only Pre-K but, I know that the Kindergarten class here does not do as much as Paige gets to... it seems. It really helps them enjoy it.
Jesse77, at 04:48AM on Wednesday January 02, 2008
I agree, I know in AZ where I taught, the school system was really different. I am pretty sure she wouldn't have gotten to do so much stuff, that she is able to do now. We lived in the same district that I taught in, so I would have been fortunate enough to put her in my choice of school, which I pobley would have put her in the one I taught at,which was a great school, just a different philosophy on education, then the school she goes to now. Both good just different. I have been really happy so far with the education here in MN. There is a much bigger emphasis on education here compared to AZ. I hope she continues to like it as much as she does now. They really do a lot of great things in her school, and encourage that learning can be fun,it makes such a difference to have the kids be excited about what they are doing. Her teacher does an excellent job with that.
Jesse77, at 04:49AM on Wednesday January 02, 2008
Thank you Ruth!!!!!!

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