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Your First Year (in progress)

Designer: ingewerts
Tags: baby, blue, boy, birth
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Braeden s first year  p002 medium Description
These are a few pages I have made so far for an album of my sons first year. I am open to any suggestions some of you may have since I have only been doing this about 2 weeks. Thanks for looking :o)

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Jesse77, at 11:34AM on Wednesday January 02, 2008
Welcome!!!! I am Jesse. Braeden is simply adorable, I think you are doing really great for just starting out. I really like you "discover the magic page", Love the photos and how you placed them. I have such a hard time doing pages with several pictures, I can never get it to look right, great job! One question I had on the 4th page is the "5" for 5 months?...Just curious! Please keep sharing your work we would all love to see it, also if you have any questions everyone here loves to help... feel free to ask. Thanks for sharing :)
audosborne, at 02:31PM on Wednesday January 02, 2008
Hi! I'm Ruth and I'm completley addicted to MM. Your LOs are great!! You got the hang of it quickly..Like Jesse, I too have problems with pages that have several pictures..yours look really good. I especially like the picture of you reading to the baby and the picture of him in the box. He's a cutie!! Great job!!
ingewerts, at 03:39PM on Wednesday January 02, 2008
Thank you both. The 5 is for 5 months I was thinking I should probably write months after it guess I will. It kinda makes sense with all the pages I think just b.c it will be his whole 1st yr month by month.

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