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Fun in Australia Sun

Designer: heidiann
Tags: beach, boy, girl
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My Niece and Nephew in very first page!

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JENNA, at 05:39AM on Thursday January 03, 2008
Jesse77, at 05:49AM on Thursday January 03, 2008
WOW! Your first page? great job! welcome! My Mom and I have both wanted to go to Australia for a LONG time, one day we will get there :) Are you from Australia? The pictures are just fantastic, like Jenna I love the beach too.
heidiann, at 06:36AM on Thursday January 03, 2008
Thanks to both of you!! I'm from Michigan, my SIL and her family moved to Australia for a few years for my BIL's job. We miss these little ones like crazy!! I loved the pictures, so they were my inspiration!
audosborne, at 11:43AM on Thursday January 03, 2008
It's 15 degrees and snowing...I want to be there.. I love this LO..You did a great job!!!
Lynn Grieveson, at 03:44PM on Tuesday January 08, 2008
Great first page! Welcome to the gallery! Lovely fresh page too.

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