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"The Turkey"

Designer: Jesse77
Tags: paint, girl, art, jesse77, Photo background challenge
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Fall winter 07 08 p0057 medium Description
my DD, painted this turkey at school, so I took a picture of the painting and used it as the background. I explained to her, that artists name their paintings or pieces. she simply said "my piece is called The Turkey".

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audosborne, at 04:26PM on Thursday January 24, 2008
This is fantastic!! I love it!! You and I think a lot alike.. I have a piece of Jacob's art that I was planning to do this with. Glad you did it first so I could see how it should be done. Paige's artwork is really good. Have a nice night:)
Jesse77, at 09:17AM on Friday January 25, 2008
thanks Ruth you are so kind, they say "great minds think alike" :)
BeachScraper, at 07:45AM on Saturday January 26, 2008
That is so funny, before I read "comments", my reaction was "Fantastic". I love the idea !!! Very creative
Jesse77, at 12:15PM on Saturday February 02, 2008
thnak you beach scraper

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