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Designer: JENNA
Tags: JENNA, girl, blues, browns, posing, dressed herself
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Kameronposing p001 medium Description
Kameron has really come out of her shell since she started Pre-K. She use to always want me to hold her when we were around alot of people or saw strangers... not anymore... It's kinda scary. Jesse could not have said it better! "what will it be like when you are a teenager". I hope this is not what our future is going to be like. ha!

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Jesse77, at 09:01AM on Friday January 25, 2008
this is too funny! i love it! great job, the journaling is priceless! I really like the background paper too :)
JENNA, at 10:55AM on Friday January 25, 2008
Thank you Jesse. I did this LO really quick... but, I had to as I could not stop laughing. Everyone is calling her Britney Spears... that kinda worries me.....ha. Have a good weekend. It's cold and still raining here. stay warm! Jenna
Jesse77, at 03:49AM on Saturday January 26, 2008
It is warming up here...hopefully by Monday it should be in the 30's! it's not going to last but, we will take what ever we can get. i am happy with anything above zero. You have a good weekend too :)
BeachScraper, at 07:53AM on Saturday January 26, 2008
I can only laugh....enjoy every minute and every day, you will look back and laugh. Nice LO. I have always said that the year they go to K+, is one of the biggest changes you will see in them. Get ready for Middle School.
audosborne, at 04:02PM on Saturday January 26, 2008
Oh My.. give her this one when she becomes a Mom..this is so funny and I love the brown and blue.
JENNA, at 02:04PM on Sunday January 27, 2008
Thank you everyone... We are still laughing about this photo/pose. I will definitely share this w/ Kameron when she is a mom. It's really amazing how she has come out of her shell since August. Thanks again!

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