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Designer: BeachScraper
Tags: Marilyn, Angie, All MM embellishments, Liz Griveson, Lazy Days and Woodlands.
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Mother as a child p001 medium Description
This is a picture of my mother I found recently, as a child. I scaned the entire photo including the frame, I think it's all part of the beauty of this picture. This is the first "old time" photo I did, any suggestions?

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audosborne, at 03:57PM on Saturday January 26, 2008
I think this is just lovely.. I love the frame...don't know how it could be and better..It's great the way it is. She was such a pretty little girl. Isn't it fun the find these little treasures. What is the font? It looks really good.
Jesse77, at 04:40PM on Saturday January 26, 2008
I love the frame too!!!!!! GREAT idea! it all works really nice together :)

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