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Running Away

Designer: audosborne
Tags: boy, girl, yellow, black, audosborne
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New p0013 medium Description
My DD and DS were very mad at me and decided to run away from home. They weren't gone long!

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Jesse77, at 07:03AM on Monday March 03, 2008
Hi Ruth, this is hilarious!! My older sister and I did the same type of thing when we were young. brought back many memories! The journaling is fantastic! Great job.
annirana, at 02:17PM on Monday March 03, 2008
Are you ladies still "hacking" at it! HELLO! How I've missed you guys! We moved and I sent my tower in to be "cleaned" and have not been at a computer for a few mos. now. I just got it back and have not even re-installed my MM software. I can't wait to get started again! Lots of new stuff. I haven't gone thru it all yet, but I'm glad to see that you guys are still here. Awesome LO! My children haven't done that yet, I say yet...
audosborne, at 04:28PM on Monday March 03, 2008
Thanks Jesse..This one of my favorite photos. HEY! Andrea welcome back ..we've really missed you. Looking forward to seeing your LOs.
JENNA, at 03:48AM on Tuesday March 04, 2008
What a funny memory.... I am sure that you all remember the day like it was yesterday... Hi Andrea... glad to hear that all is well with you and I look forward to seeing your LO's again.
Jesse77, at 05:55AM on Tuesday March 04, 2008
Hi Andrea! So good to hear from you, Welcome back!!!!!!

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