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Home Sweet Home

Designer: audosborne
Tags: girl, mom, house, yellow, green, brown, audosborne
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Mtp p001 medium Description
While my daughter was in Italy, I moved from TN to KS. This photo was made on her first visit to my new home. The Pic was made at the KC airport and the background was very hard to work with, so I ended up using a piece of clipart from MS Word. The butterfly is from Shabby Miss Jenn, and the sun is by Lynn Grieveson..

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BeachScraper, at 04:24PM on Tuesday March 25, 2008
Great idea!!! Very clever. It is interesting when thinking outside the box, the ideas you can come up with. I like it alot!!
JENNA, at 05:45PM on Tuesday March 25, 2008
Great LO and Angela looks alot like you... so, that was 16 years ago? That is the year that I got married. I was just telling Russell today that I thought we were married like 14 years - and today I realized it's actually been 16 years. Thats what happens when you have kids... cannot keep up w/ all that stuff.. (ha). Thank goodness for LO's to remind us.

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