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love you*

Designer: Jesse77
Tags: jesse77, love, girl, stripes, flourish
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Fall winter 07 08 p0085 medium Description
Just another photo of my DD from back in January, Kit is frwom Weeds & Wildflowers, Cherish

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BeachScraper, at 03:30PM on Thursday April 17, 2008
Also like this page a lot....FUN
audosborne, at 03:50PM on Friday April 18, 2008
JENNA, at 06:10PM on Friday April 18, 2008
This is perfect... I need to go look @ this website... I haven't heard of it. Another great job!!!
Jesse77, at 05:04AM on Saturday April 19, 2008
Thank you, I love this picture of Paige. I really love the weeds and wildflowers designs, they are one of my new favs.

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