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Thanksgiving Snow

Designer: marjohn
Tags: marjohn, child, snow, weather, snowflakes
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Shots p007 medium Description
Texas had crazy weather in 2007 (and it's shaping up to be the same this year!) and it snowed on Thanksgiving Day!

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JENNA, at 03:04PM on Friday May 23, 2008
SIMPLE - ELEGANT... JUST BEAUTIFUL ! (If you put marjohn under tags on all your LO's it will show all the LO's you have done when you click on it in tags... just thought I would mention it - just in case you did not know... It makes it easy if you want to see all the LO's someone has done) Your LO's are great !!!!!
marjohn, at 03:38PM on Friday May 23, 2008
Jenna--thanks so much for the hint!! I've done it to all my submissions! Also, thanks for the compliments! I just completed an entire scrapbook for my pastor and I'm anxious to get some other opinions--I LOVE making these and can see this becoming a full-time, gift-giving extravaganza!!
JENNA, at 04:25PM on Friday May 23, 2008
Your very welcome. I have so many LO's that I want to do - Don't know when I will have time. I am suppose to be cleaning house right now - ha, my mom always says it will be here tomorrow.. Once I start doing LO's I don't wanna stop. Have a good night.
BeachScraper, at 11:11AM on Saturday May 24, 2008
I love the top picture on the second is beauiful, no I love the entire second page, great LO. I did not know about the tags, thanks for that info, I will start doing that too. I really like the black bacground and the simplicity of your LO's, very nice job. I tend to do a lot of my LO's, later at night, when I find time to sit down, then before I know it, it's well after midnight, I lose all track of time. My daughter is grown and gone from home, and I am trying to go back and scan old pictures and do LO's, it is endless. I am hoping to make her a book for Christmas 2008. Again, beautiful work and she is so cute, love her curls.
Jesse77, at 12:18PM on Saturday May 24, 2008
love these...great job
audosborne, at 04:38PM on Saturday May 24, 2008
These are really beautiful lO's your daughter is adorable. I have done a lot of MM scrapbooks for gifts and everyone seems to love them. I
marjohn, at 03:51PM on Sunday May 25, 2008
Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments! Audosborne, thanks for the info on the gifts... My parents were gone this weekend & I went to water plants and vacuum for them... well, I "dug" a little and found the really old photo albums... so... I'm starting a Christmas present right now! Wish me luck, because I'm sure I'll go overboard! But, I think she would LOVE a scrapbook of our family before my brother and I left home!

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