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Kameron3 2008 p002 medium Description
I got a new lens for my camera for Mothers Day... I wanted Kameron to pose for me so that I could try it out... she refused - she decided to be silly instead....

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marjohn, at 06:34AM on Saturday May 24, 2008
ADORABLE!! When I got my new camera last year, Kenli did the EXACT same thing!!!!!!! Too funny!
BeachScraper, at 10:55AM on Saturday May 24, 2008
Those are really cute....She will love them later in life...:-)
Jesse77, at 12:18PM on Saturday May 24, 2008
FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are priceless!!!!!!!!
audosborne, at 04:34PM on Saturday May 24, 2008
These photos are soooo cute! Great job!!
JENNA, at 03:02AM on Sunday May 25, 2008
Thank you everyone !!!

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