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Rock Star Makeover!

Designer: Jesse77
Tags: jesse77, rock star, pink, make up, stripes, stars
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Spring summer 2008 p003 medium Description
My DD playing with make up- she wanted me to do her hair like a "rock star", She had so much fun! I used Life Timez's Little princess kit. Thank you for looking :)

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JENNA, at 09:16AM on Friday May 30, 2008
Looks like Paige really did enjoy her day! How cute. Great memories... one day you will be so thankful for having these lo's.
Jesse77, at 11:10AM on Friday May 30, 2008
Thanks Jenna, your comments are always appreciated. I feel like she is growing up so fast, and I want to try and record and preserve I don't forget! I love Memory Mixer!!!!! Wish I had it when she was a baby, I have tons of heavy scrapbook albulms form her first few years, and this what have been much easier!
audosborne, at 06:51PM on Saturday May 31, 2008
You're on a roll girl!! Another beautiful LO..That is a gorgeous kit. I wish I had MM years ago's had to work with faded photos..but they do evoke good memories.
BeachScraper, at 04:07PM on Sunday June 01, 2008
Everything... cute

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