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Designer: audosborne
Tags: me, dogwood tree, woods
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Me p0012 medium Description
Here is my "ME" page. I worked on it quickly so if you see any typing errors, please let me know. This was fun and I hope to see more pages from others.

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BeachScraper, at 04:40AM on Wednesday June 18, 2008
Love the dogwoods in the background, love the saying. I was so excited to see that you got your page is wonderful, like the way you signed it. I also really like the way you did the favorites...that was a great idea!!! Beautiful, great, impressive, meaningful, what else can I say. I Love it!!! "Life is Good" one of my favorite sayings. It is so true about how scrap booking brings back memories and reminds us just how good life has been.That is one thing I really like about scraping is that is brings out a lot of feelings and it's great to put them down on paper. Thanks again for going along with my idea, I am looking forward to seeing others.
audosborne, at 04:12PM on Thursday June 19, 2008
Thanks Marilyn, I hope we see some more too!!
Jesse77, at 05:38AM on Monday June 23, 2008
Hi Ruth! This is Fantastic, I am going to try and start working on mine ASAP. I just got back in town, and I was thrilled to see that you ladies already started these LO's. I love the idea of your favorite things...I hope I can do something even a little bit as good. LOL!!!!

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