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Flat Stanley

Designer: marjohn
Tags: marjohn, flat stanley, school, school project
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Flat stanley copy medium Description
I found these pictures of my DD with Flat Stanley... she helped her friend with a school project. We made an accordian scrapbook of her time with Flat Stanley for her friend's project, so I thought it only fitting to include it in our scrapbook.

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audosborne, at 02:23PM on Saturday June 21, 2008
Very cute. How are you putting the journaling around the photo? Are you using photoshop or just pasting it in?
JENNA, at 07:01AM on Sunday June 22, 2008
Too cute. Brings back memories for me too... Flat Stanley spent time w/ Andrew when he was little. His cousin sent him to us from Tennessee. Great job !!!
marjohn, at 12:29PM on Monday June 23, 2008
I'm using Photoshop CS3 and making text out of a path... however, I bet you could paste it in and rotate as necessary!!

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