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Designer: RABIDFOX
Tags: mother, daughter, girls, flowers, fun, together, rabidfox
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Master scrapbook p0043 medium Description
My daughter & I reserved Fridays over the summer for "girls only"; we both needed the break! MM designs by Emma Schonenberg - paper flowers.

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BeachScraper, at 02:39PM on Thursday August 14, 2008
Really cute...I think a "girls only" idea is great!!!!
Jesse77, at 03:07PM on Thursday August 14, 2008
adorable....sounds like fun!!!!
audosborne, at 04:51PM on Saturday August 16, 2008
Very pretty!! You just gave me a great idea. Although my daughter is grown and very busy, I think we need to reserve some "girl" time at least once or twice a month..Thanks:)

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