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Sun Bather

Designer: scrapmommy
Tags: Pets
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Oliver in window p001 medium Description
My best little buddy getting some sun on a winter day.

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kelliekoo, at 07:37PM on Sunday July 01, 2007
this is great! great photos, great layout.the stitching is really neat. i love the orange and blue.
Bailis, at 07:17AM on Saturday July 07, 2007
Really cute.
katz49, at 07:25PM on Thursday July 19, 2007
LOVE cats and the way they teach us how to live. Love your lay out..keep them coming, I hope to learn something from you. Im new at this, just down loaded today......thanx, Katz49
audosborne, at 03:52AM on Wednesday September 19, 2007
This is so cute!!!! The photos are really wonderful and the colors are great. Good job.

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