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Designer: RABIDFOX
Tags: Fall Freebie Challenge, leaves, Mexicana, kids, whee, fun, outside, playful, children, rabidfox
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Master scrapbook p0087 medium Description
At first I thought it was a bit soon to create a page with a Fall theme - especially since the leaves still have not changed in PA. After thinking about the challenge, I realized that I didn't have to only focus on the present. I must admit that I had fun looking through my old photos. Now I have to ask,"where did the time go?" Much of the page is "Mexicana" by Emma Schonenberg. I hope you like the fun & quirky approach to my LO.

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Jesse77, at 05:23PM on Wednesday September 24, 2008
Hi Rachel, this is adorable! Love the cut out little ones with the Layout!
audosborne, at 12:20PM on Friday September 26, 2008
So cute and creative!! I love the picture of the babies in the leaves. Isn't it great to see them enjoying fall.
Grozdanich, at 02:39AM on Saturday September 27, 2008
Very fun page. I would love to know how you cut out the kids on the top & where the free-flow script came from. I've been looking for something like that without success.
RABIDFOX, at 01:25PM on Saturday September 27, 2008
I love to make my own embellishments - such as my kids in this design. To do this, I use Adobe Photoshop CS3. For those of you that have not done this before & would like to know, here goes...I open one of my pictures that I would like to cut out & use. I then open up the layers palette & duplicate the layer. You will see 2 eyeballs on the left side of the layers palette - turn off the bottom eyeball. Select the copied layer & lasso/delete or erase everything you do not want. The checkerboard that appears is GOOD. It means that nothing is there. I then save my file as a .png, find my MM embellishment folder & add it in. The free flow script I made in Adobe Illustrator CS3. I began by drawing a line (pen tool or pencil) & used the type tool that looks like it's standing on a curvy line.

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