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Teach the Children These Things

Designer: audosborne
Tags: christmas story, audosborne
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True p001 medium Description
I found this little story at and decided it would make a good Christmas present. I'm far from through with it so any suggestion, corrections or advice will be sincerely welcomed. Most of the elment are from Scrapgirls, Retrodiva, Sant's Lap Revisited by Karen Aicken and Butterfly by Dfran.

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audosborne, at 07:19PM on Friday October 17, 2008
Couldn't decide which ending page I liked better but I'm thinking the second one. I anyone knows where I can find a better Christmas tree that actually look like a real tree, pleeeeease let me know.
annirana, at 07:49PM on Friday October 17, 2008
IF you were asking, I like the 1st ending. I like the scroll. (and there's nothing wrong with your tree! It looks very is suppossed to look Victorian isn't it?) This is going to make a wonderful gift. It's just beautiful!
audosborne, at 05:54AM on Saturday October 18, 2008
Thanks Andrea. I like the scroll too but I wasn't sure if you could read the text. I went back and added an overlay to most of the pages to tie them together with a grunge look. More in keeping with the Victorian look.
BeachScraper, at 02:10PM on Sunday October 19, 2008
This is beautiful Ruth...I would not change a thing. Very Very Beautiful!!
audosborne, at 02:59PM on Sunday October 19, 2008
Thanks ladies.

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