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Banff 2006

Designer: aniuskat
Tags: Photo Background Challenge, Banff, ice, waterfall, blue, water, green
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Chal 2 p001 medium Description
Road trip to Banff from Edmonton, Alberta. The views are just gorgeous. I had lots of fun doing this challenge

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annirana, at 12:46PM on Wednesday October 22, 2008
What beautiful country! I love your LO! ( p.s. check your spelling on "longest" . It's easy to fix and then re-place the original : )
audosborne, at 01:02PM on Wednesday October 22, 2008
One thing I like about this gallery is seeing pictures from different parts of the country and from other nations. This is beautiful. Great LO!
RABIDFOX, at 03:59AM on Saturday October 25, 2008
My dad & I went hiking around here when I was in High School. I often thought I'd like to move here...

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