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Lake Tahoe

Designer: khasleton
Tags: Background Challenge
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Brinley p0023 medium Description
Our family reunion in Lake Tahoe...our kids like to be with their 20 cousins!

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melissacallister, at 04:47PM on Thursday October 23, 2008
I love the burlap texture of your background picture! Love the embellishments too! Great job.
annirana, at 05:07AM on Friday October 24, 2008
How did you get that burlap effect? Neat LO!
khasleton, at 01:05PM on Friday October 24, 2008
I used the texture tool in the "backgrounds" to create the burlap effect. It is very easy to use. Thanks!
RABIDFOX, at 03:23AM on Saturday October 25, 2008
20 cousins?! I thought things were mad when our 10 got together! I hope everyone survived this fun adventure.
annirana, at 05:34AM on Saturday October 25, 2008
I still don't get it. I chose a tree for the background, then I clicked on the texture menu and it gave me a piece of blue burlap. What am I missing?
khasleton, at 06:46PM on Sunday October 26, 2008
What you need to do is bring in a picture as your background, then make it opaque. I chose the oatmeal burlap because it was the most neutral. The burlap design shows through your photo, making it look like the photo is burlap, but it is really the burlap background showing through your picture. Hope this helps. :)

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