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Halloween w/the Boys 2008

Designer: lposey01
Tags: Halloween, boys
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Misc. projects p007 medium Description
It sure wasn't like Halloween when I was a kid...the boys didn't want to wear their own masks (we carried them), their little bags were "too heavy" (we carried them), then after about 15 houses, their "feet hurt." So, yes, you guessed it, we carried them!!!

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RABIDFOX, at 12:12PM on Saturday November 01, 2008
What a fun page - this kids look great. My kids were a lot like that last year. This year, my 4 year old son liked going into homes (without asking) & petting the household animals. Oy!
lposey01, at 01:18PM on Saturday November 01, 2008
LOL!! Yes, my 4 year old didn't quite understand that other people's houses are not HIS house either. I guess it's all part of the precious memories.
Jesse77, at 02:16PM on Saturday November 01, 2008
Kids are so fun aren't they! This is great Lori , I especially love those muscles :)
annirana, at 02:55PM on Sunday November 02, 2008
What a funny story! I love those bright colors!

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