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Halloween night 08

Designer: annirana
Tags: halloween
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Halloween night 2008 p003 medium Description
Just a quick group of photo's from the night. The last three were just some photos I threw on a page so I could send them to my Mom.

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audosborne, at 04:18PM on Sunday November 02, 2008
Cute that Indiana Jones I see? I you are doing pockets pages, there is a free kit you might be interested's called Denim in Spring. I have a LO titled pocket full of love that was made with a portion of the's somewhere in the gallery. I you want the kit, go to and search by designer.. the designer is dnadryad. There are several portions to the kit, and it's really a good one.
BeachScraper, at 04:22PM on Sunday November 02, 2008
Great pictures and GREAT COSTUMES!!! Looks like they were having a blast!!!
annirana, at 04:26PM on Sunday November 02, 2008
Thanx! Something strange happened to two of the LO's. When I posted the first one, the top circle photo of Nathan came out real "washed out" and then it flipped sideways a picture of Nick and his friend. Wierd. (and yes that's "Indy") I'll see if I can't find his costume from 2 years ago, he was "Jack Sparrow". He looked great!
RABIDFOX, at 06:45AM on Monday November 03, 2008
I love the flash light photo!! Even though you might have thought gremlins or spirits were altering your images, something similar happens to me when I print. I think it's WEIRD too!
Jesse77, at 07:40AM on Tuesday November 04, 2008
Spooky!!!! I thought for sure that Rainne would be a witch again! LOL! Paige was a black cat :)
annirana, at 04:59PM on Tuesday November 04, 2008
You know what happened on that "flashlight" photo? I had my camera hanging around my neck, just about Nathan high, and I was just snapping pictures of him at random. Well, he got tired of that flash in his eyes and reached out to shut my flash right when it went off, and that's what we got...spooky!
scottygal, at 07:31PM on Wednesday November 05, 2008
Annirana - Wow - I really admire your LO and the flashlight photo sure set the mood. Audosborne - you just opened up a whole new world to me! Thx for the tips!

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