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Cheer 4

Designer: BeachScraper
Tags: Kim, Marilyn
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Cheer4 p001 medium Description
I am having so much fun with these old Cheerleading pictures, brings back lots of memories.

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audosborne, at 01:54PM on Tuesday November 11, 2008
I'm loving these cheerleading pages..I like to see if I can find Kim. Seems to me like she's the one on top..Didn't your heart just skip a beat or two?
BeachScraper, at 02:12PM on Tuesday November 11, 2008
Yes you are correct Ruth... Kim was always on top, and also their main "flyer", since she was the smallest. It's not really any different than football or any other sport. Yes there were days my heart did skip a beat or two.
annirana, at 04:07PM on Tuesday November 11, 2008
These are so cool. Are you going to put them into a book for her?
Jesse77, at 08:12AM on Wednesday November 12, 2008
I love these too, great memories!

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