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Designer: annirana
Tags: Old Navy ad/ski L.O.
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Top of the mountain p004 medium Description
O.K., I know I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I got this ad in an e-mail and it just "called" to me, so I made it into a page. Very challenging, but fun. Props to all of you who actually entered yours in the challenge!

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BeachScraper, at 06:10AM on Tuesday November 18, 2008
You did a great job on this one...never too late!! for a great page!
annirana, at 07:40AM on Tuesday November 18, 2008
Thanx! : )
RABIDFOX, at 12:25PM on Tuesday November 18, 2008
This is a neat page. I like the angles of the pictures, the color scheme & the "fun-ness" of your LO. I too have been thinking about doing this challenge again.
connierun, at 03:27AM on Wednesday November 19, 2008
Great Job!!!
audosborne, at 02:01PM on Wednesday November 19, 2008
Wow!!! You did a really great job on this. Where do you go sking?

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