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Designer: audosborne
Tags: cat, toys, blue, audosborne
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Animals p0013 medium Description
Are you sick of my kitty cat pages yet. Thankfully, I'm almost finished with the book. The background, stitches, and journaling mat came from Fran at imagine by fran. The other elements are from various "cat" kits I have collected.

Additional Images:

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BeachScraper, at 03:47AM on Thursday November 20, 2008
No we are not tired of your "cat' Lo's, they are cute and part of our family. I have one that I want to get done soon too.
RABIDFOX, at 04:20AM on Thursday November 20, 2008
I know that I feel jealous every time I see one of your kitty pages. I need more of them!! This is wonderful. I like how your images are not confined to a rectangluar shape.
annirana, at 05:21AM on Thursday November 20, 2008
Marilyn said it all! P.S. We ski in Ruidoso, N.M. (pronounced rio-doso)
kbrookbank, at 09:17AM on Thursday November 20, 2008
Very nice! What program do you use to crop your pictures so that they are the shape of the object and how do you do it? I would love to learn how to do that!
audosborne, at 10:09AM on Thursday November 20, 2008
Thanks for looking ladies. This picture is of Biscuit my daughters tuxedo cat. Isn't he beautiful!! As for cropping the picuture, I used photoshop (my copy gives precise instruction on how to do it), I extracted the photo and saved it in png format. The matt the cat is on is actually to blotches stretched and over layed. I know very little about PS so all I do is by trial and error. The cat was the only image I had to extract, the other images were already done.
kbrookbank, at 01:16PM on Thursday November 20, 2008
Thanks, I think I figured it out. I just got PSE and am new to the whole photo editing and am trying to learn the tricks to do the fancy stuff like you did!

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