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Designer: annirana
Tags: x-ray, boy, random MM elem.
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X ray p001 medium Description
While I was making dinner the other night, Nick comes in screaming "It's broken, it's broken!" So off to the E.R. we go! Just a nasty dislocate and a sheared growth plate. Ouch! I know it seems odd some of the things I scrap, but this IS life. He might like having this moment documented (or not...)

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BeachScraper, at 12:48PM on Thursday November 20, 2008
I think that is an excellent page...Life isn't all roses, and those are the kind of things that make life what it is. In my daughters paper scrapbook, I documented her first auto accident, police report and all. You did a great job on the page, it's very fitting for the circumstances.
audosborne, at 01:03PM on Thursday November 20, 2008
Ewwwww!! Ouch!!! I'll bet that hurt!! Never was an x-ray more beautifully displayed!! Where did the brushed come from?
scottygal, at 05:56PM on Friday November 21, 2008
Real life. I luv it. How old is Nick? I have three boys: 3, 8, 10 - I totally relate and I like how artsy your ER experience is remembered.

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