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Designer: audosborne
Tags: girl, gun, brown, audosborne
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New p0018 medium Description
This photo of my DGGD was taken at a museum in NC.. somtimes the picture just says it all. Word art is from Elegant Wordart by Bethany.

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annirana, at 07:04AM on Sunday November 23, 2008
Love it! I'm jealous! You look like your having fun w/ PS.I tried to "extract" a frame that I had scanned, so I could use it, and I just couldn't figure it out.
scottygal, at 05:33PM on Sunday November 23, 2008
Very eye-catching! Looks like you used the PS lasso tool but you cleverly used the photo as the BP? I am seriously considering buying PS CS4 but it is so pricey...any suggestions?
audosborne, at 03:44AM on Monday November 24, 2008
Thanks for looking ladies. I downloaded a trial version of Corel Photoshop 2X. I had tried PS CS4 but I think, for my purposes the Corel is easier to use and I think it's cheaper, I'm also going to try Photoshop elements before I decide what to purchase. Rachel (Rabidfox) would be the one to ask about these products as she teaches Photoshop. the background is a paper I downloaded but I added an overlay to change the color a little bit.

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