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my wedding 2005

Designer: lindseydaryl
Tags: love, wedding
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The petersen wedding p001 medium Description
This is my first digital Scrapbook project!

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audosborne, at 02:41PM on Tuesday December 02, 2008
This is just beautiful!! You did a spectacular Job!!!
annirana, at 04:06PM on Tuesday December 02, 2008
Great job! Wait 'till the babies come, you'll have plenty to scrap then!
connierun, at 04:18PM on Tuesday December 02, 2008
Very beautiful!!! It looks like you have been at this for years. I wish you many years of happiness...
JMurdoch, at 10:11AM on Wednesday December 03, 2008
Look who finally decided to join us!! Hi Linds! Great work!
kbear, at 04:28PM on Saturday January 03, 2009
You did a verry nice job and your dress is beautiful! Congratulations!

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