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Grey's River Camping Trip

Designer: lindseydaryl
Tags: fishing, camping, fun
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Greys rivier 2008 p001 medium Description
We went to the Greys river in Wyoming for my mans birthday! It was alot of fun!

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audosborne, at 02:39PM on Tuesday December 02, 2008
This is great! I love the colors you chose to compliment the outdoor photos. Your a natural at this..keep up the good work.
annirana, at 04:13PM on Tuesday December 02, 2008
I love doing camping LO's! Aren't they fun? You did a great job!
BeachScraper, at 04:17PM on Tuesday December 02, 2008
You are doing great...these are very nice.
kbear, at 04:20PM on Saturday January 03, 2009
Love the background paper on the last page! It looks like a camp blanket and love the stitched lettering. Very cute!

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