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Christmas Tradition

Designer: BeachScraper
Tags: Marilyn, Christmas
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Christamas p001 medium Description
Most the elements on this page came from DeliciousScraps.Com. For some reason I really like this Background Color, but not sure it goes with the LO. Not sure this page all goes together. Is there something my eye is missing?

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audosborne, at 02:32PM on Tuesday December 09, 2008
Ah shucks this is cute!! Love the idea and the Lo. I don't see anything wrong with it. I like it!!
fivestarpromos, at 05:08PM on Tuesday December 09, 2008
Cute. I am a beginner...can you explain to me how to import the elements, backgrounds or layouts from the other sites such as the DeliciousScraps.Com?
BeachScraper, at 01:27AM on Wednesday December 10, 2008
I will try to help...after you have downloaded the elelment, it will most likely be in a zip file, change it over to a "JPEG" file and save in a folder (I have a folder for scrapbook downloads). When designing your LO, you will click on "photo" to go and get your element, go into your file and treat it just like inserting a photo, you can resize it if needed. I do know that many of the other scrapers have some pretty extensive file systems, guess it depends on your computer knowledge, there is a way to move them into elements of MM, but I do not know how. As I think about it, you can most likely just copy into your MM file, but not sure of that. Good Luck and have fun. Hope to see lots of LO's from you, MM is a great place, I truly enjoy the friends I have made through here. It's very simple, hope you understand, if not ask again.
Lorimo, at 12:31AM on Thursday December 11, 2008
Very pretty, I like the darker what looks to me as a dark pine back ground. Your trees and snowman look like you can just reach out and touch them. Fantastic.
kbear, at 03:43PM on Saturday January 03, 2009
This very cute and I love the snowman, trees and berry border. Thanks for the info on where to find them. This looks really nice!

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