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New Year's Resolution Challenge

Designer: yesdnil2
Tags: New Years, New Years Challenge, Happiness
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New year s challenge p001 medium Description
After two years of marriage, I decided this would be a great resolution. I am excited to try this one out!

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RABIDFOX, at 03:12PM on Sunday January 04, 2009
What a wonderful page. I have never heard a resolution so beautiful in my life. BRAVO to you!
BeachScraper, at 01:46AM on Monday January 05, 2009
Very pretty page, what a great resolution. Good Luck!!
audosborne, at 05:11PM on Monday January 05, 2009
Beautiful!! I never thought of using black and brown but it's very effective.
yesdnil2, at 05:16PM on Monday January 05, 2009
Thank you so much for all of the comments! I do have one question....I have noticed in a lot of pages that there will be a black and white photo and then a pop of color in that photo. Can you do this in MM or do you need to do it in Photoshop?
RABIDFOX, at 01:32PM on Wednesday January 07, 2009
You would need to do the adjusting in PS. Look for my tutorial page coming soon. ~Rachel

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