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Lil' Man Osirus

Designer: scottygal
Tags: Drop Shadow Challenge, boys, Lil' Mister, title page, cjc
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Fall favorites challenge p0018 medium Description
This is the title page to my godson's Christmas gift album. I added the shadows and played around with the colors, opacity , and pixel offset. In the end, I decided to highlight the mother and son photo and the word "miracle" by coloring it magenta through the color picker. I am including the before LO without shadows. Which do you prefer?

Additional Images:

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weblg, at 02:32AM on Sunday January 18, 2009
What a nice gift for them! Your bg color goes great with these pictures. I love the b&w photo! And the different color shadow on those two items looks good. I like the dropshadows best. Nice job...Good Luck.
scottygal, at 07:15AM on Sunday January 18, 2009
Thank you for your feedback. I like the drop shadow version too. Though the printed book is all "flat". I really appreciate MM tutorials and contests as they push me to try new, creative ways to do my LOs. Thanks for your and their encouragement!
audosborne, at 04:15PM on Monday January 19, 2009
I actually like the flat one better but you might try putting a drop shadow on some of the pics and leaving the others flat.

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