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Believe (the Butterfly Can)

Designer: scottygal
Tags: Monochromatic Challenge, cjc, boy, butterfly, blue, nature
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Fall favorites challenge p0020 medium Description
This was a case of Winston's faith in the chrysalis' survival and my unbelief that it would really become a butterfly. I thought that the cocoon in the container was dead for a week and my son convinced me to wait for the butterfly. We were overjoyed to see the butterfly emerge. It in itself was a miracle; that we witnessed it together was also an inexplicable event.

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weblg, at 06:48AM on Sunday January 25, 2009
Isn't it great how children have every reason to "believe"? This has a great lesson for everyone! Great job! What font did you use for the "believe"?
audosborne, at 09:51AM on Sunday January 25, 2009
I love the expression on his face!! Great LO!
scottygal, at 12:32PM on Sunday January 25, 2009
Thank you both for your comments. The word art is from the content bundle when I purchased MM V2 through QVC originally. It is under embellishments...words and expressions...sports. It is available in black also. I drop shadowed the white version with about 75% opacity of black for the effect you see. I also enlarged it to anchor the photo.

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