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Buck Hunts Man

Designer: weblg
Tags: Husband, Deer, Just for fun, weblg
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Buckhuntsman p001 medium Description
Well, when my husband gets home, he's going to hunt me down! I was just goofing around. Our Grandson spent the night Sat night, and yesterday morning they brought out the deer decoy and pretended they were in the woods hunting with their binoculars, play guns, buck grunts, all of it. After Cameran left, I cleaned up the toys, but the deer stayed with us most of the day (of course I was "nagging" him to put it away). He fell asleep in the chair, and I saw an opportunity!

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audosborne, at 11:52AM on Monday January 26, 2009
Too funny!!!!
BeachScraper, at 12:59PM on Monday January 26, 2009
Funny page, it's fun to do silly LO's.
JENNA, at 01:48PM on Monday January 26, 2009
This is soooo cute. I nag my husband about putting his hunting stuff away too... This is just perfect!
weblg, at 02:06PM on Monday January 26, 2009
Thanks ladies...I showed this to him when he came home from work...he might thing twice before leaving his things around again. He said he was thinking about getting me a new camera, but he might change his mind now..LOL. He laughed at it...he has a good sense of humor.

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