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Counting My Blessings of Love

Designer: scottygal
Tags: Lyric Challenge, blessed, family, love, Glow, Autumn Spice, cjc
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Fall favorites challenge p0021 medium Description
Martina McBride's "Blessed" lyrics inspired me to do a page of myself for a change. The song starts out "I get kissed by the sun each morning" and so I used a "Just soaking up the day ... I think to myself, I think to myself...this world is a beautiful place" kind of a photo for the BG. There are translucent photos of my husband and boys floating around me and Martina's beautiful words articulating how blessed I feel. Embellishments from Quickmix Glow by Michelle Coleman and Karen Lewis' Autumn Spice Alpha.

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weblg, at 10:50PM on Sunday February 01, 2009
This really a great tribute to's nice to do something about you. I seem to be so caught up in the "cute & sweet" of the little ones. I have recently been trying to find some other subjects than my grandchildren. This is very nicely done!
HLHL, at 08:52AM on Tuesday February 03, 2009
I love to see pages about the person making them. This LO is very original and creative. Good job.
scottygal, at 10:17AM on Tuesday February 03, 2009
Thank you for your comments. I truly appreciate your feedback. It further inspires me and energizes me to receive comments from creative designers like you! Now go make a page about yourself!

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