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Designer: RABIDFOX
Tags: son, trouble, b&w, grunge, smile, rabidfox
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Master scrapbook 2009 p0027 medium Description
Just look that this face...does it look like trouble to you? Of couse it does. I tried a LOT of different photo techniques on this picture & finally found one I liked (I originally had this as with thought bubbles, then moved to a comic strip, tried PS filters...). Many elements are from MM others are from DigiScrapDepot.

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weblg, at 08:18AM on Saturday February 21, 2009
I have been trying to figure out how to use these applications in Corel...I have a couple of these actions, but do not know how to apply them. This is really cute.
RABIDFOX, at 01:29PM on Sunday February 22, 2009
The fractured frame did come with instructions... I must say that I was so excited I threw them away. OOps! To use the frame I begin by opening the picture I want to divide & the frame. I copy the frame onto the picture (I now have 2 layers). I click on my frame layer & select the OUTSIDE of the frame with my magic wand. I then click on my picture layer & hit delete (You may need to duplicate your original picture layer & turn off the eye on the first layer). All that should remain is the frame & the picture that goes in it. Good luck!
weblg, at 02:14PM on Sunday February 22, 2009
Thanks a bunch! I will have to try this...I may just have to break down and get PS (and take a class). I am not sure that Corel can do this (at least my version). I really wanted to think more about a new camera. Just want my cake and eat it too! LOL. Thanks again!

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