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Designer: BeachScraper
Tags: Marilyn, 5K
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Memorymixer album 1 p001 medium Description
Pics from after the 5K run. Used the new MMV3. Nieces and nephews, the run is a yearly family event for us, a great time to get together.

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weblg, at 03:47AM on Monday February 23, 2009
Very nice! You really showed a lot of pictures very well. I love the colors you chose. They work very well together. Isn't the new MMV3 wonderful? I guess we had a slight advantage living in the East...quick delivery! My estimated date was Mar 2, but to my surprise Fri morning I had an email that it was shipped and I checked and it was already on the UPS truck for delivery! Again, very nice LO...and VERY nice time in the 5K!!
audosborne, at 03:41PM on Tuesday February 24, 2009
I can't believe you actually ran this. Way to go girl!! This looks great. What a fun time!!

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