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Locks of Love 2009

Designer: amandasanchez113
Tags: amandasanchez113, Photo Inspiration Challenge, flowers
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Blessed p008 medium Description
This was such a hard challenge for me, having two little boy's flowers just didn't seem to work well with any of my ideas but eventually I decided to scrapbook my first page about me! I enjoyed using the bright girly colors too since I don't use them often and am glad I chose to do a page about my donation to the Locks of Love organization, it's a great memory for me!

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Montana, at 05:12PM on Sunday March 08, 2009
What a great page and a great cause. I've got another 3 inches before I can donate again.
weblg, at 06:03AM on Monday March 09, 2009
I agree! Wonderful thing you are doing, and wonderful page!
HLHL, at 01:14PM on Monday March 09, 2009
I love this page. Very clever to add the inspiration photo as an embellishment. Cute Haircut too.
audosborne, at 02:50PM on Monday March 09, 2009
Great page and good for you!! Love the colors and the inspiration.

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